Who is Anthony?


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How it all started

Anthony was initially inspired by films and wanted to learn how to shuffle and spring cards from one hand to another like they do in the casino. What started as a simple hobby became an obsession and a passion.

Anthony performed for his friends, family and even his teachers during his schooling to pass the time and gain as much experience as possible. After 12 months of daily focus and practice, he impressed the manager of La Piazza at Bankstown Sports Club and was hired on the spot.

Anthony has now been performing magic for over 8 years at a professional level and has entertained some of the most prestigious companies and clubs, including Google and Sydney FC.

Anthony is currently working at a number of restaurants performing close up magic weekly for the patrons. He performs regularly at private events, and is also involved with various companies who have continued to hire his services to entertain guests at award evenings, grand openings or even just corporate meetings.

Anthony is currently pursuing magic as a full-time career and through constant practice, is determined to become an international close-up performer. Anthony is constantly creating new and innovative ways of performing and connecting to his audience through his magic and effects.